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Dominic Littlewood is a renowned British television personality as well as a successful journalist. He gained national recognition through his appearances in multiple popular television shows, including ‘Fake Britain’, ‘Cowboy Builders’ and ‘Saints and Scroungers’. Having made a name of himself by working with the BBC and Channel 5 for many years, his media popularity has grown and he has accumulated a following of over 14k online.

Throughout his career, Dominic has been predominantly involved in television as a presenter and host, but also as contestant on shows such as BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2007. His television career can be characterised by his association with consumer affairs, as he uses his expertise in scamming and fraud to help build informative content based on his investigations. In 2005 he presented ‘Beat the Burglar’, an show based on crime and raising awareness of common security flaws in modern homes, as well as co-presenting ‘Cowboy Builders’ for Channel 5 since 2010.

Despite specialising in consumer affairs, Dominic diverges from sticking to a single television category; having appeared on BBC dating show ‘The Other Half’, he made his debut appearance as a contestant. Aside from television, Dominic has produced written content for top magazines and newspapers including The Daily Telegraph and Top Gear Magazine. His keen interest in automotives is also displayed across his social media has he regularly shares his automotive expertise when consulting and advising followers on automobiles and vehicles. In this way, he not only utilises his online platform as a space for sharing knowledge, but also creates an interactive relationship with his fans who can feel engaged in the celebrity’s work.

Using his elevated platform to draw attention to important health issues, Dominic voluntarily becomes a representative of the diabetes community and actively shares his story and engages in various projects. By being so open about the severity of his condition, Dominic is a relatable figure for many and a great advocate for spreading awareness of the effects of Diabetes as a global illness, as well as show his support for the NHS and various campaigns.

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