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Chris Hughes is a popular celebrity influencer and reality television star. Since taking part in the popular reality series Love Island, the influencer has gained over two million followers across his social media channels. With his new heightened online presence, Chris has expanded his influence across social media and regularly creates entertaining content for fans to enjoy.

During his stay at the Love Island villa, Chris coupled up with fellow contestant Olivia Atwood, and the pair successfully secured a place in the final. Whilst his relationship with Olivia helped Chris to become one of the show’s favourite contestants, it was his bromance with fellow contester Kem Cetinay that entertained millions. Since leaving the show, the comedic duo have only strengthened their friendship and Kem frequently features on Chris’s social media. They have also two collaborated on numerous projects such as Sun Racing’s No Laugh Challenge, where the two play games and challenges in order to entertain the public. Posting engaging and comedic content throughout his social channels keeps the fans involved in the influencer’s life; keeping their eyes glued to their screens, they can expect more from the bromance as the pair plan to create their own television show, You vs. Chris and Kem on ITV.

Beside posting pictures that share insight into his lifestyle, Chris also shares content that expresses his passion for horse riding and sports, frequently posting videos of him riding horses on racecourses. He takes his love for animals to Instagram when showing support in campaigns for Pet Anxiety Month and endorsing healthy programmes for animal welfare. His interest in health extends to him becoming a fitness icon and collaborating with brands such as Protein World through sponsored posts, promoting their products to his wide audience. He often uses his online following for marketing purposes when collaborating with an array of businesses, having done partnerships with the likes of McDonalds and The Farmfoods British Par 3.

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