Influencers in Advertisements
Champions | 23rd June 2017
The world of marketing is changing. Rather than seeing high profile celebrities in mainstream TV adverts and billboards, we’re now seeing social media influencers being featured. Take a look at some of the best campaigns of the year so far...
Beauty Blogging - A Beginners Guide
Champions | 20th June 2017
There’s no doubt that ‘beauty influencers’ have become more and more popular over the past five years, and are undeniably changing the face of the beauty industry marketing. From makeup and nails, to haircare and skincare, beauty blogging, vlogging…
HelloWorld Live
Champions | 11th June 2017
Last weekend marked one of the most highly anticipated events for social media users and YouTube subscribers. The live event, HelloWorld, took place at Birmingham’s Genting Arena and featured some of the world’s biggest and most popular YouTubers.
The Rise of YouTube
Champions | 07th June 2017
If we asked you to think about YouTube now, many of you may think of PewDiePie, some may think Zoella and some KSI. However, if we asked you the same question five years ago, some may have said Justin Bieber, PSY and Salad Fingers.