Champions | 29th January 2018
On Monday 22nd January, a week-long campaign called #SmearForSmear by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’s launched.  The campaign is designed to encourage more women to understand the role of smear tests in preventing cervical cancer and encourage…
Advertisement Regulations
Champions | 19th January 2018
Case studies have been gradually building up over the last few months which show that tighter regulations are catching up with social media posts that are not clearly stating their intentions of being advertisements.
Champions | 28th December 2017
Did you know that the UK beauty industry alone is worth a staggering £4 billion[1]? And, taking a slice of this multi-billion-pound sum are British beauty bloggers. These bloggers, or influencers as they are also known, have risen to prominence…
New Agency
Champions | 21st December 2017
The quick approach of the New Year sees people everywhere frantically scribbling down their resolutions that they intend to abide by throughout 2018.