Naomi Smith
Champions | 17th May 2018
At Influencer Champions we are excited to now be the official manager of another fantastic social media influencer, Naomi Millbank-Smith. 
Laura Gemma Meachem
Champions | 17th May 2018
Always looking to help boost the careers of the social media influencers we work with, at Influencer Champions we are thrilled to now be the official management agency for Laura Gemma Meachem.
changes in Influencer Marketing
Champions | 17th May 2018
Social media influencers first rose to prominence 10 years ago and now they can be seen everywhere, working with some of the biggest brands in the world!  There have been three key changes in the world of influencer marketing over the course…
Easter Baking
Champions | 19th March 2018
Easter is a food bloggers’ dream. With lots of delicious flavoured chocolate hitting the shelves, it’s an opportunity to come up with some truly unique recipes. This Easter many social media influencers who specialise in food & drink are likely…