The Top 20 Most 'Liked' Instagram Photos Right Now

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This week has been a busy one for newsrooms everywhere. Theresa May’s Brexit deal was rejected, Gillette’s new ad sparked uproar and an image of an egg broke the internet. The latter still feels a bit like an odd dream, but as bizarre as it is, an egg became THE most liked image on Instagram.

A campaign from one unknown user to push Kylie Jenner off her throne, the egg was nothing special. It was just a picture of an egg. Nothing more, nothing less. But people around the world rallied behind the record-feat and it paid off with the egg’s likes increasing day by day.

So, before the egg is beaten, most likely by Kylie, we thought we would take a look at the top 20 most liked Instagram photos right now, starting with the maestro itself. Also, be prepared for a heck of a lot of Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo posts…

1 - @world_record_egg

45.1M+ Likes

Posted - 4th January 2019


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This tiny speckled egg has gone viral hitting headlines across the country as Instagram’s most ‘liked’ photo.

As part of a worldwide campaign to ‘troll’ Instagram and break a world-record, this single photo has taken the throne and racked up a staggering 45.1+ likes to date.

2- @kyliejenner

18.3M+ Likes

Posted - 6th February 2018


Having kept the whole world in the dark about her pregnancy, it was no surprise that the debut image of baby Stormi became an instant hit. Within minutes of the photo being published, it received millions of likes and as a result became 2018’s most liked photo.

3- @justinbieber

13.4M+ Likes

Posted - 9th July 2018


When one of the world’s most-loved music artists proposes to a global supermodel, it’s bound to get some attention.

So, the moment Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin decided to share their news with beliebers everywhere, he received a staggering 13.4 million likes and broke millions of hearts around the world.

4- @xxxtentacion

13.3M+ Likes

Posted - 19th May 2018


Following the tragic death of XXTenaction, his fan took to his Instagram page to show their appreciation of the artist and sadness of his loss. As a result, his final image has become one of the top five ‘liked’ photos on Instagram.

5- @kyliejenner

13.1M+ Likes

Posted - 1st March 2018


They say lightning doesn’t strike twice but if you’re Kylie Jenner, it strikes many more times.

After sharing the first glimpse of baby Stormi, her fans were left wanting to see more. So, when she finally released another photo a month after she was born, it quickly received millions of likes and made it into the top five.

6- @arianagrande

12.8M+ Likes

Posted - 8th September 2018


A few days after the news announced the tragic death of American rapper, singer and record producer Mac Miller, ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande took to social media to make a sweet tribute.

The post had no caption. The image spoke the words. And, shortly after posting it, it received millions of likes by fans of both artists and still is one of the popular posts today.

7- @cristiano

12.8M+ Likes

Posted - 24th December 2018


Christmas Day sees Instagram full of posts ranging from roast dinner snaps to present reveals. Despite recent allegations against the footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo was behind the seventh most liked picture with his adorable family photo.

All dressed in festive outfits, the image was full of Christmas cheer.

8- @cristiano

12.3M+ Likes

Posted - 16th July 2018


You will notice his name is a regular in this top 20 as it seems all the Juventus forward has to do is post anything on Instagram and his followers will flock in with the likes.

Back in July, Cristiano announced his signing with the Italian club with this simple and to-the-point post.

9- @kyliejenner

12.3M+ Likes

Posted - 9th August 2018


A cute baby pic with one of the most prominent female celebrities in the world is a sure-fire hit with Instagram. And, once again Kylie proved this with a stunning image of her and then six-month-old Stormi.

10- @kyliejenner

11.9M+ Likes

Posted - 29th October 2018


The Kardashians always do Halloween a little differently, and 2018 was no different. Not a scary outfit or fake blood in sight, this image took flight as Kylie and Stormi posed for an all-pink-everything post.

Dressed in matching butterfly wings, Stormi and her mum captured the internet’s hearts once again.

11- @cristiano

11.7M+ Likes

Posted - 31st December 2018


Yep you guessed it, Cristiano is back and it’s not the last time on this list!

This time he rivaled everyone’s New Year’s Eve posts by sharing insight into his romantic getaway with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. The pair were sunning it up on a yacht in Dubai and the iconic Burj in the background gave it that extra special touch.

12- @cristiano

11.5M+ Likes

Posted - 12th November 2017


Nobody looks flattering in hospital scrubs, except of course Cristiano Ronaldo – typical!

This post takes us back to November 2017 when girlfriend Georgina gave birth to their first baby together, Alana. The birth announcement picture sees Georgia looking enviably fresh after labor and son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., looking happy with the new addition.

13- @kyliejenner

11.4M+ Likes

Posted - 22nd September 2018


A photo full of love – quite literally – Kylie embraces her then seven-month-old baby in a post that can only be described as ‘very pink’.

14- @cristiano

11.4M+ Likes

Posted - 26th July 2018


As well as the expected football posts, Cristiano’s Instagram is also good for those that enjoy scrolling through travel pics.

Often whisking his girlfriend and family off to far-flung locations on holiday, this couple-only picture sees the glamorous pair on their summer vacay.

15- @cristiano

11.3M+ Likes

Posted - 9th July 2018


Nobody can say that Cristiano is not a family man as he once again makes the top 20 with yet another family-orientated snap. This time, three is not a crowd as Cristiano shares a heartwarming image of him with his girlfriend and his eldest.

16- @beyonce

11.3M+ Likes

Posted - 1st February 2017


Beyoncé certainly does not do things by halves and the same goes for her Instagram feed. Rumors of her second pregnancy were already rife in the media but in typical celeb fashion, Beyoncé wanted to find the most artistic way to officially reveal it to her fans.

The announcement that she was carrying twins broke the internet in February 2017 with a stunning piece of photography.

17- @cristiano

11.1M+ Likes

Posted - 21st August 2018


A month after signing with Juventus, Cristiano showed the world that he had his whole family on board as they all sported the home and away kits in the perfect family photo – it’s one for the album that’s for sure.

18- @kyliejenner

10.9M+ Likes

Posted - 22nd November 2018


Despite other aspects of her life being open to the world, her relationship with Travis Scott is something Kylie tries her best to keep out of the public eye. So, when he does make an appearance on her Instagram feed the internet goes crazy.

19- @selenagomez

10.7M+ Likes

Posted - 14th September 2017


Selena Gomez, who holds the title as the most followed female on Instagram, has always been open with her fans about having Lupus. But, one post, in particular, told the story of her hardest battle yet as she revealed she needed a kidney transplant.

Inspiring, wholesome and a vision of true friendship this picture showed Selena and her best friend Francia holding hands on hospital beds pre/post op. Her friend made the ultimate sacrifice by donating a kidney to Selena and the star made sure the world knew how much of a hero Francia was to her.

20- @kyliejenner

10.6M+ Likes

Posted - 28th October 2018


The final entry on the list, and the last one from Kylie, was a flawless picture of her and older sister Kendall. Despite hilarious fall outs in early series of Keeping up with the Kardashians, the sisters are extremely close and when Kendall’s not modeling and features on Kylie’s Instagram, the likes come flying in.