Tips to create an effective social media marketing campaign

effective social media marketing campaign

Social media marketing is becoming a fine art. With so much advice available, we have come up with four key areas to focus on to create an effective social media marketing campaign.

1. Choosing the Best Platforms

A social media campaign should focus on finding out where the audience is already interacting, and meet them there, rather than assuming that they will find the brand without intervention.

Determining which platforms are best for your brand will require some research – considering the industries which are performing well on certain social media platforms is a good start, but also explore how influencers within the business sector are interacting with their audiences, as the overlap in audience offers an opportunity.

Once a platform has been chosen, ask yourself how it links in with your marketing strategy and the aims and objectives of the business. Only pursue those channels which have a solid justification and can deliver results which work toward the brand goals.

2. Creating Effective Content

Great social media content needs to be tailored to the platform it is being published on. Content should be consistent across all platforms, whilst being portrayed differently to suit the tastes of the people being targeted on each.

Infographics are gaining popularity among social media marketers, as they offer the reader a benefit in bitesize format. Social media content moves so fast that readers often do not have the time to stop and read a long paragraph of text or a detailed breakdown of statistics. Put simply, important information, with an efficient design, will engage readers and social media users more than long-form content.

Posts must offer a compelling reason to interact with the content, whether that is simply ‘liking’ the post, sharing it, or performing a deeper action, such as signing up to a newsletter or enquiring further.

3. Using the Right Tools

Thanks to the ever-more competitive digital marketing landscape, the internet is awash with helpful tools to make social media marketing easier and more efficient. From status inspiration to infographic creators and more, there is a tool available for every part of social media marketing, but that does not mean that you should use them all, or rely on them too much.

Having an all-around range of social media skills without relying on free tools is important. Scheduling tools, such as Hootsuite can be useful for planning ahead and targeting social media platforms during key hours.

4. Promote

The first step toward getting people interested in your social media pages, is to tell them about it. Start with existing connections and platform, linking social media to your website, putting a physical poster up in the premises and asking friends, family and customers verbally, to like and follow the brand’s pages. As more people interact with the page, it will appear in more and more newsfeeds, often displaying as ‘related content’ for individuals who are not yet aware of the page, and increasing the opportunity to gain followers.

Once the audience base has begun to grow, hold a competition or promotion which involves followers liking and sharing content, as well as tagging friends in comment sections, as this introduces your content to more people.

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