friend influencers taking a selfie
Amelia Neate
Amelia Hayes | 04th June 2021
What’s more effective than just one influencer? Two! Best friend influencers are an ideal way for brands to boost sales, raise brand awareness and promote their product or service. 
Male social influencer
Amelia Neate
Amelia Hayes | 28th May 2021
As we move further into 2021, influencer marketing is considered the best form of advertising and for very good reason, too. With 65% of influencer marketing budgets set to increase throughout this year, it is going to take something…
The story of Dr Alex George
Amelia Neate
Amelia Hayes | 27th May 2021
First, an A&E doctor, then a contestant on Love Island... Here’s how Dr Alex George’s journey to fame developed and how he became appointed the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador. 
The difference between nano, micro, midi, macro, and mega social media influencers
Amelia Neate
Amelia Hayes | 25th May 2021
One of the most common questions we get asked, is “what is the difference between nano, micro, midi, macro and mega social media influencers?”. Fear not, we’re here to tell you the difference and explain all there is to know...