TikTok and Instagram
Amelia Neate
Amelia Neate | 09th April 2021
With so many social media channels and platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your brand. So, let’s take a look at TikTok vs Instagram and find out which is best for your…
plus size influencers
Amelia Neate
Amelia Neate | 08th April 2021
There is no denying that social media has opened the doors to a wide range of opportunities, with Instagram in particular giving people the freedom to address issues such as race, inequality, disability, gender, and…
dad influencers
Amelia Neate
Amelia Neate | 07th April 2021
It's never too early to think about upcoming influencer marketing campaigns. Easter has been and gone and the next big date for the diary? Father’s Day. 
influencer to entrpreneur
Amelia Neate
Amelia Neate | 31st March 2021
Having originally started out by sharing videos, blogs or Instagram posts, influencers are now leveraging their elevated online presence to turn their passions into profitable business ventures.