Editors | 12th July 2019
Now with as many as 1 million followers, this year’s Love Island stars are now a top pick for many brands looking to work with influencers. Find out who is working with who..
Editors | 03rd June 2019
As influencers continue to be in high-demand, luxury brands are now joining forces with well-known social media stars to raise brand awareness and make a statement. Here are some of the latest collaborations...
Editors | 03rd June 2019
Body confidence is something many often struggle with. Fortunately, there are some amazing influencers out there who are teaching us to be happy in our own skin. Here are 10 of the top body positivity influencers to follow...
BodyPower Event 2019
Editors | 03rd June 2019
Influencer Champions will be bringing their social media expertise to BodyPower 2019, with senior manager Amelia Neate lined up to speak at this year’s event.