Champions | 25th September 2019
The rise in social media has subsequently led to the influx of social media influencers - all of which share the common interest of creating engaging content for their audiences. In the age of digital marketing, the influencing industry is…
Editors | 19th September 2019
Virtual influencers are taking over the world of social media. With thousands of followers, top brands queuing to work with them, we ask, what are they?
Champions | 11th September 2019
29-year-old YouTube sensation Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, created her blog in 2009 and has since become one of the most influential people on the Internet.
Editors | 14th August 2019
Whether you’re looking to book your next getaway or wanting to work with an influencer, here are 10 of the best male travel bloggers to follow and inspire your next holiday!