man and woman wearing luxury clothing
Amelia Neate
Amelia Hayes | 19th May 2021
As influencers continue to be in high-demand, luxury brands are now joining forces with well-known social media stars to raise brand awareness and make a statement. Here are some of the latest collaborations...
black social influencers
Amelia Neate
Amelia Hayes | 06th May 2021
From fashion and style to health, fitness and entertainment, these influencers are renowned for their talents and impact online. 
Influencers raise brand awareness
Amelia Neate
Amelia Hayes | 30th April 2021
Influencer marketing campaigns are a great way to raise brand awareness, drive website traffic and expand social media reach. 
Best influencers over 35
Amelia Neate
Amelia Hayes | 28th April 2021
The number of influencers over the age of 35 is continuing to grow. This new wave of influencers has built an impressive following and successful platform for themselves and their audience, simply by knowing exactly who their target demographic is…