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The Best Fashion Bloggers for your Brand
Amelia Neate | 03rd December 2020
Regardless of the fact that we have spent the majority of this year inside, that hasn’t changed anybody’s outlook on fashion. In fact, people are becoming even more passionate and interested in it.
Influencermatchmaker | 26th November 2018
Whoever said fashion influencer needs to be under 30? Well, try telling that to the amazing group of women who are becoming online sensations and inspiring women across the world on how to be over 40 and fabulous. Here are five of the best fashion…
Influencermatchmaker | 12th October 2018
Having started an ordinary girl from a small Italian town, Chiara Biasi has turned her love for fashion blogger into a career and become one of the most successful fashion influencers in the world today. Now working with leading brands across…
Depop Influencers of 2019
Anonymous | 03rd August 2018
Depop has brought a new type of fashion influencer to the fore. It combines the e-store aspect of eBay with Instagram’s social connectivity to create an amalgam unlike any other. And with an over 4.5 million users and one item selling every four…