Facebook Shifts Focus to Influencer Content


This year’s Vidcon US – an annual conference for video platforms, content creators and fans to congregate – brought with it a lot of news and announcements, including YouTube’s VR180 format, which will be introduced to make virtual reality content more accessible for both creators and subscribers. However, the most interesting development was Facebook’s announcement that the platform will be releasing an app which focuses entirely on the content creator and has been designed to enable influencers to manage their content in a more streamlined and focused way.


The app is due to be released later in 2017 and will include a Live Creator kit. This kit will enable creators to add custom introductions, outros, stickers, frames and to utilise user data to optimise their broadcasts and content. With live commenting, streaming and editing available on-the-go, influencers can share their opinions, lifestyle and adventures from anywhere, to engage audiences at opportune moments.

Benefits for Influencers

The availability of user and viewer data mean that creators can access information about their audiences in real-time, and use this data to curate more engaging content – which will not only mean better engagement for creators, but an increase in openings for influencer partnerships with brands. More detailed and up-to-date data means that influencers can show brands exactly who will be shown the content, which lends itself to a more trusting and secure influencer and brand relationship.


Facebook are making a concerted effort to compete with YouTube. As the starting point for many of the now-influential video content creators, social media platforms are making a smart move by updating and innovating the features they offer to entice creators to utilise social media rather than a dedicated video publishing platform.

Previously, YouTube has been the only viable option for video content, but with social media moving in on the action, time may be running out for the video hosting network, unless innovative steps are taken to stay at the top of their game.

Integration and Timeline

Facebook’s targeting of brand and influencers is not new, however the previous iteration, ‘Facebook Mentions’ does not offer as many features as the newly announced app will. Mentions appear to be targeted at public figures, such as musicians and entertainment personalities, whilst the video editing features of the upcoming software position the app to provide benefits and add-ons to suit the influencer lifestyle. Making videos on the go, personalising them and uploading them to see real-time stats is the ideal set-up for any influencer who interacts with their community through video content.

The new features are set to be automatically integrated into the Facebook Mentions app once they are released.

As social media platforms capitalise on the ever-increasing popularity of video content sharing, there is an air of uncertainty surrounding the options facing existing video hosting networks. Is it time for a huge shake-up in the digital content world, or will video engulf all the most beloved platforms before they have a chance to get ahead? 

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