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Emma Richardson
Senior Executive

Having immersed herself into the lives of influencers for many years, Emma thrives off of creating long-standing relationships between brands and influencers. Emma has played a role in many successful collaborations, some of which have led to a social media reach of over 13.25 million for the brand.

How much does influencer marketing cost
Emma Richardson | 18th November 2020
Influencer marketing is a great way for brands to reach their target audience and potential consumers in a more direct approach by utilising the power of social media. But how much does influencer marketing cost? 
How social media helped celebrity chefs become more influential
Emma Richardson | 27th October 2020
Ever wondered how social media has helped celebrity chefs become even more influential? Read on to find out more.
top LGBTQ influencers
Emma Richardson | 20th October 2020
Here are some of the most inspiring, LGBTQ+ influencers that will brighten up your Instagram feed and support your brand. Read on to find out more.
the secret ingredient to incredible influencer marketing
Emma Richardson | 07th October 2020
Our influencer marketing experts explain the secret ingredient to incredible influencer marketing campaigns and how to achieve great results. Read on to find out more.