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Emma Richardson
Senior Executive

Having immersed herself into the lives of influencers for many years, Emma thrives off of creating long-standing relationships between brands and influencers. Emma has played a role in many successful collaborations, some of which have led to a social media reach of over 13.25 million for the brand.

gaming influencers
Emma Richardson | 17th September 2020
The gaming industry seems to be constantly expanding and whether it’s a new games console, PC, mobile app or handheld device, there is always something new to get your hands on.
TikTok on mobile
Emma Richardson | 24th August 2020
Since the UK lockdown, people have turned to TikTok for a source of entertainment so we thought we’d share some of our favourite influencers on the app.
targeting generation z
Emma Richardson | 05th August 2020
The success of marketing to Generation Z lies in the how – with a greater understanding of and reliance on digital channels, marketing to this digital-savvy generation requires some special thought.  
Emma Richardson | 18th March 2020
To spread the love, we thought we’d share some of the top mummy bloggers in the UK that you should be following. Contact us today to find out more!