Amelia Neate: Offering Expert Insights into Developing Brand Love in 2020

Amelia Neate speaking at event

Last week our very own Amelia Neate, Senior Manager of Influencer Matchmaker, shared her professional insights into the ongoing digital transformation that is occurring within the fashion and e-commerce industries. Hosted by Diginius in London and speaking alongside the likes of Matt Hayes, MD of award-winning brand agency Champions (UK) plc, Amelia gave some useful tips on how to get the most out of working with influencers.

For those we weren’t able to join us at the event, here’s what you missed…

How do you Build Brand Love?

In order to successfully build brand love between a brand and an influencer, you must first ensure you have selected the right person to work with on your collaboration. Amelia had some great comments to make on the topic:

“When selecting the right influencer, you need to ensure your values align and they are going to reach the right audience.

“The number of followers they have can be deceptive, and often irrelevant so, the key is understanding who is following and, more importantly, engaging with them. Are the people engaging with them the kind of people you ultimately want to reach?”

Setting Clear Targets is Key

Emphasising the importance of setting clear goals for your campaign, Amelia spoke about how to set clear objectives.

“Identifying your objectives and goals early on is key to understanding and measuring your return on investment - what is it you are hoping to achieve? Brand awareness or direct sales?

“There needs to be a balance of the influencer having creative control but also making sure they get across the right brand messaging.

“These briefs help to ensure a campaign is legally bound and complies to Advertising Standards Authority regulations too so that an audience should easily be able to identify what is an advertisement.”

For example, Influencer Matchmaker worked on a collaboration between Arsenal Football Club and Lethal Bizzle. They not only needed someone that would work well with their brand but also someone with a large social following to amply promote their sponsor visit to Rwanda.

Influencer Matchmaker spent the necessary amount of time to find the right influencer for this campaign, taking into consideration what it is exactly Arsenal wanted to achieve. With a goal of promotional and awareness, Lethal Bizzle was deemed the perfect fit.

Not only did Bizzle host the day of filming but he also promoted the videos on his own social media, greatly increasing the overall reach that the campaign had.

What Does All This Mean for Businesses?

With shopping trends and consumer behaviours constantly changing, businesses need to be able to keep up. Nowadays, we’re seeing consumers make purchasing decisions based on how well a brand’s values coincide with their own. In fact, 82% of consumers were found to be “very likely” to act based on the recommendation of an influencer.

To summarise, Amelia informed the panel how in order to stay fresh and relevant in an ever-competitive and ever-growing environment, businesses need to offer something special to their customers. Whether this is done with the help of influencer marketing or through their own business efforts, its essential for business growth and success.

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