5 of The Best Fashion Influencers Over 40 To Follow


‘Mutton dressed as lamb’ is a phrase that has been tarnishing older women’s fashion since it was first coined in the early 17th Century. The term is usually used to describe women who enjoy dressing in clothes that could be seen on someone much younger, and consequently are ‘inappropriately dressed’.

Fast-forward to the present day, and the phrase is still all too common in the fashion industry. But the one main difference is that now, older women are finally feeling liberated enough make a stand and go against what is deemed by society as ‘age appropriate’. They are taking the chance to embrace a more care-free approach to what they wear and they are calling on the help of social media, and more specifically Instagram to do it.

This group of fashion influencers over 40 are proving that social media isn’t just for millennials and fashion has no age limit.

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And, there’s a huge gap in Instagram’s market for these women. Breaking down Instagram’s age demographics, Hootsuite found that there is 131 million active users between the ages of 35-44, 68 million between 45-54 years, and 30 million 55 - 64-year-olds.

At Influencer Matchmaker, we want to encourage more people to follow, interact and engage with these fashion influencers over 40 so that their messages are heard, and they can continue to influence other women around the world.

Check out just a few of our favourites…

1 - Fashionmumof40

Mum of two, Ann Marie, or Fashionmumof40 as she is known online, is one of our favourite fashion bloggers and Instagrammers in the 45-54 age group.

Through regular updates on her Instagram feed she is showing that women over the age of 40, who juggle busy lives with work, children and keeping fit all while maintaining a social life, don’t have to stop being fashionable.

Through her own style she strikes the right balance between high-street and designer, casual and formal wear. Much loved by her 22.5k Instagram followers for her ‘dupes’, Ann also regularly takes a costly designer item and shares the high street equivalent she has found, demonstrating that women don’t have to spend a fortune to look good.

A popular choice for brands, she has collaborated with Seven Seas and The White Company.

2 - Doesmybumlook40

Turning 40 is something a lot of women, and men, dread. Yet, Kat Farmer put her anxious journey into the big four zero to good use by documenting it on social media and her blog.

Her playful handle, Doesmybumlook40 and blog of the same name, is a fantastic source of fashion inspiration for women of a similar age. She expresses her love of classic modern fashion and her passion for throwing in a few staple pieces such as biker jackets, heels, leopard print and just a touch of leather, and the result is a wardrobe to die for.

By providing daily outfit inspiration, Kat has become a big influence in the world of social media and fashion. Today she has an impressive 104k followers and is continuing to receive recognition from the fashion world. Recently she was invited along to the Woman of the Year Lunch and has collaborated with brands such as Liz Earle, Robert Welch.

3 - Fashiononthe4thfloor

Somewhat new to the social media scene, Fashiononthe4thfloor first came on to the Instagram scene in 2015 and is still taking huge strides to Instagram glory.

46-year-old Diane stormed onto the platform with the confidence of someone that has been doing it for years and her beautiful sense of style is enviable among fashionistas everywhere.

With a keen eye for creating fashionable and completely wearable outfits, Diane pairs garments together that are completely wearable day-to-day and easily replicable – something that will only work to her advantage as she continues to climb her way up the social media ladder.

4 - Michelle Tyler

Some of Michelle Tyler’s Instagram snaps fall nothing short of the images seen on the pages of Vogue or any other fashion publication for that matter, as the 51-year-old showcases her innate flair for fashion, makeup and beauty.

Rather than buying items that are worn once and never see the light of day again, Michelle understands the need for quality items that can be re-styled again and again. So, that’s exactly what she relays on her Instagram feed and her 15.1k followers suggest it’s appreciated far and wide.

Due to her ever-increasing following, Michelle has teamed up with brands such as Keranique and Grey Goose to name just a few.

5 - Grece Ghanem

Residing in Montréal, Canada, after emigrating from Lebanon, Grece Ghanem is a personal trainer with a flair for fashion And, it’s a passion which spans back to her early years.

In an interview with Desertmannequin, Grece credits her grandmother for initiating her 'curiosity for fashion' as she used to love dressing up in her clothes and trying on her accessories and jewellery.


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After a little encouragement from her daughter, Grece started sharing the ways in which she styles herself and she has gone on to inspire the masses.

Now, her Instagram feed is now adored by 56.8k followers and with many of her posts and outfits inspired by art and her travels around the world, you could easily whittle away hours scrolling through her page.

With her unique style and online influence, leading brands have chosen to work with Grece, including the likes of designer label Gucci.

While we could sit and write about the many other women who are making a statement for women over 40, these are just four that are sending one positive message to women everywhere. The message being – ignore what people expect you to dress like. Wear what you want to. And, the result will make you happier than conforming to outdated phrases, opinions and traditions.

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