4 Plus Size Influencers Taking the World By Storm


It doesn’t matter if you are a lover, or a hater, there is no denying that social media has opened the doors to a wide range of opportunities with Instagram, in particular, giving people the freedom to address issues such as race, inequality, disability, gender and body size.

In the recent years, body positivity has a been huge trend and fortunately, many celebrities and social media influencers have chosen to use their status to bring attention and support the idea of embracing natural beauty in all of its shapes and sizes.

As a result, we have seen the rise of many amazing plus-size influencers who are showing the world that curves are sexy, powerful and something to desire. Filling our feeds with hundreds of fun and inspiring snaps, these ladies are helping to transform the way we look at our bodies and most importantly, how brands choose to market their brands.


With this new wave of influencers, brands are taking the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most beautiful plus-sized women and are no longer only featuring size 6 supermodels in their advertising campaigns.

So who are these influential women? Here are four of our favourite plus-sized influencers that we think you should be following on Instagram...

@ashleygraham - 7.9m Followers

And, it would be remiss of us to not highlight her other accomplishments which include being a designer for a swimwear brand, judge on America’s Next Top Model, a public speaker, author, and a global supermodel. Oh, and when she’s not doing all of that, she can also be found sending out some serious body positivity vibes on Instagram. You go girl!

It’s her lust for life and curve confidence which has seen Ashley gain a massive 7.9 million followers on the platform. And, from beautiful bikini shots to red carpet looks, one post at a time the healthy size 18 superstar is breaking down societal barriers and encouraging more women to embrace the bodies they have been given.

With all that being said, Ashley understands the importance of balance, and amongst the sassy pics are plenty of workout videos too. In her own words: “You can be healthy as long as you’re taking care of your body, working out and telling yourself ‘I love you’”.

@marquitapring - 112.3k Followers

Sticking with models that are helping to change the conversations in the industry, Marquita Pring is an influencer on the up. (And, she’s #besties with our number one Ashley Graham too).

The pair, alongside three others, co-founded ALDA – an empowering and collaborative group of models who are seeking to change the perception of beauty.

Speaking to Elle, she credits social media for “impacting the way we think and speak about body image” and so, like Ashley, Marquita has used her Instagram as a power for good. As we scroll through her feed, we are quick to notice that she unashamedly bares all on the regular with a confidence that quite frankly all women should aspire to project.

And, as someone immersed in the world of fashion, you would probably assume that Marquita has a wardrobe to envy. Well, you’re not wrong. From catwalk couture to casual chic, she does it all to perfection and demonstrates to other women as well as her 112k followers that style really has no size.

@chloeincurve - 51k Followers

Fashion is the ultimate passion for this influencer, and style with a sprinkling of sass is something Chloe Elliot has bags of.

Founder of the blog Chloe in Curve, 27-year-old Chloe was named 2018 ‘Fashion Influencer of the Year’ at the Blogosphere Awards and is flying the flag for women with similar body types to hers. Believing that “All women should be able to experiment and enjoy fashion” she uses her Instagram feed to give her fast-growing 51k followers the latest trends from the high street with the odd designer item making an appearance along the way.

As well as giving us all some very welcome fashion inspiration, Chloe also tackles much more important issues such as body shaming, anxiety and body confidence, through her blog.

@raeannlangas - 26.9k Followers

A fully-fledged curve model, fashionista and self-confessed body activist, Raeann Langas, like all of the inspiring ladies on this blog, flaunts her body in all its glory.

As well as being curvy, Raeann is 5’ 11 tall, which is something she says she struggled with when growing up. But, as she got older, her confidence grew and she learned to embrace her body. However, she still admits that the transition from self-conscious to self-confident is not an overnight thing, saying: “there wasn’t one specific moment when I felt a change, rather it was a gradual change over time […] maintaining a healthy relationship with your body is a relationship that you have to work on every single day.”

She has combined her love of fashion, and her love of her body and has become an inspiration to women everywhere.

On her Instagram, which sees some 27.3k followers check in to get their latest fix from her enviable wardrobe, Raeann while over on her blog, her dedicated body confidence section focusses on topics such as ‘overcoming body confidence issues in my relationship’ and ‘breast reduction Q&A’.

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