10 of The Best Influencers to Work With in 2018


In a world full of social media influencers, it can be difficult to know who the most popular people are to work with, so here is the UK’s top 10 most subscribed to influencers on YouTube.

Many of these popular YouTube sensations have been keeping up with their channels since 2009, certainly making it a pivotal year for YouTube and the start of the influencer sensation.

#10 - Tanya Burr

We are counting down from 10-1, so let’s begin…

Tanya Burr posted her first ever beauty video in October 2009, to her channel formally known as Pixi2woo. With over 3.6 million YouTube subscribers, 3.2 million Instagram followers and 2.64 million on Twitter, it’s safe to say that she’s one of the top social media influencers in the UK. 

Tanya’s YouTube presence has proven to be a huge success as she now has her own cosmetic line called Tanya Burr Cosmetics, which is sold both at Superdrug and on Feelunique.com, and has successfully written two books, one being a non-fictional beauty guide and the other a cook book.

#9 - Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler has a whopping 4.6 million YouTube subscribers and has been checking in with his YouTube followers since 2010. His channels, Marcus Butler and MoreMarcus, are brimming with hilarious reaction videos, pranks, product testings and vlogs. Whilst creating content, Marcus has been involved in numerous opportunities such as, Comic Relief charity videos, the L’Oréal Princess Trust Campaign and the Guinness World Record: Oh My God YouTube channel. With the success of his YouTube channel, Marcus Butler, and his now girlfriend model Stefanie Giesinger, are getting to experience the world, travelling with brands such as Airbnb. This has seen his channel feature more artistically put together videos, allowing him to capture the highlights of his travels around the globe.

#8 - Alfie Deyes

Moving onto number eight. We’ve chosen internet sensation and weekly vlogger, Alfie Deyes (also known to the world as PointlessBlog). With 5.5 million subscribers, Alfie has been ‘YouTubing’ since 2009 and is set to be releasing his third ‘pointless book’ later this year.  Alfie saw a huge boost in subscribers when fans found out that he was dating one of the most famous YouTube creators, Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) and they are currently known as the YouTube power couple.

#7 - Dan Howell

Dan Howell, aka danisnotonfire, has been YouTubing since 2009. Eight years later and he’s now got 6.5 million subscribers and a huge 4.1 million followers on Instagram.

#6+5 - Caspar Lee & Joe Sugg

The next two top 10 influencers, are very similar and very good friends so we have combined them. Firstly, we have hilarious vlogger Caspar Lee. Although not from the UK he has found his fame in the UK market. Caspar now has over 7.1 million subscribers, and made his following through collaborating with top YouTubers such as JacksGap and Alfie Deyes. Caspar moved to London with the next influencer on our list, Joe Sugg, aka ThatcherJoe. Joe Sugg, brother to Zoella, currently has 7.9 million subscribers to his name and three YouTube channels. Joe and Caspar grew their subscribers together through their movie ‘Joe and Caspar Hit the Road’ which was released in 2015. Sugg has also featured in the 2014 single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ and is currently working on a merchandise venture with his sister called ‘Sugg Life’.

#4 - Ali-A

There’s no doubt that the industry of gaming influencers is becoming more and more popular and is an extremely competitive market to be in. With 8.7 million subscribers, it’s easy for us to place Ali-A as number four on our list. Alastair Aiken uploads daily videos of his gameplay from Call of Duty video games.

#3 - Zoe Sugg

Ranking at number three is beauty guru Zoe Sugg (widely known as Zoella) who has over 11.7 million subscribers and 10.9 million followers on Instagram. Zoella actually started from a blog, creating her first post in February 2009 and after a year it reached over 540 million visits. Later in 2009 Zoe then branched into YouTube creating her fashion, beauty and lifestyle YouTube channel. Building her following from the ground up, Zoe is now the most influential female YouTube celebrity in the UK, and has now produced two novels as well as having her own very successful beauty line named ‘Zoella Beauty’.

#2 - KSI

At number two is comedian and gamer KSI. KSI is a 23-year-old YouTuber who is known for his gaming videos on FIFA and his comedy sketches. After starting his channel in 2009, KSI now has a total of 16 million subscribers and frequently films with other famous YouTube sensations.

After all of this, you’re probably wondering who holds the number one position as the most subscribed to YouTuber in the UK…

1# - PewDiePie

The most subscribed to personality not only in the in the UK but in the world, is PewDiePie. Sweden- born PewDiePie has taken permanent residency in the UK and with over 54 million subscribers he’s the most influential influencer in the world. Born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, PewDiePie, is a Swedish gamer, vlogger and comedian who records his commentary through video and uploads it for his subscribers.

With all of the top 10 influencers having more than 3 million followers, it’s clear to see that these influencers have created a huge marketing opportunity that brands have available to them. If you’re a brand and you want to potentially work with any of these top 10 influencers then be sure to contact us – aneate@influencermatchmaker.co.uk or call us at 02039 580427