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About Ling.kt...

Captivating viewers with her perpetually entertaining yet informative beauty vlogs, Ling.kt becomes one of the most popular beauty influencers on the internet. Incorporating humour as well as beauty expertise throughout her YouTube videos, her content remains light-hearted and fun whilst she develops her social presence with honesty and integrity.

With her lively, bouncy and sharp personality, it is no surprise that Ling’s online following reaches into the millions. Covering everything from makeup tutorials, to product reviews and recommendations and Q&As her channel is the place for any beauty fans. Being a major figure within the online beauty world, it is no surprise that Ling actively keeps up with the current affairs of the makeup industry. Delivering highly-demanded product reviews on the most popular items on the market, she becomes an influencer that keeps her viewers’ eyes glued to their screens as they anticipate videos of top products and beauty tutorials. Reviewing products such as Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, she keeps consistency within her work and in turns receives thousands of views on every video she makes.

Taking her makeup expertise to new heights, she has become one of L’Oreal’s most well-known partners and dedicated brand ambassadors. She has also collaborated with MUA Cosmetics in promoting their products through a series of sponsored videos. Stepping beyond the world of beauty, she also documents her daily activities, travels and most recent brand partnerships across her Instagram page.

Ling’s buoyant and bubbly personality has made her a strong YouTube personality and online icon with an army of fans behind her. With her beauty expertise intertwined, she becomes one of the most attractive beauty influencers for brands to work with due to her widespread reach amongst different social media platforms.

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