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Former digital-editor and journalist, Hannah Gale swapped journo-life for blogger-life as she became a full-time blogger and vlogger.

Diving head-first into the blogging world back in 2014, Hannah has since gone from strength to strength. Covering everything from beauty, fashion and lifestyle, it is no wonder that Hannah has such a large and engaged following across social media.

Hoping to inspire, motivate and support her followers, Hannah’s website and Instagram feed are places of pure positivity; ensuring that no one ever has to feel alone.

On her blog, Hannah creates in-depth posts sharing her future plans, best beauty buys, gift-guide ideas and a multitude of other engaging lifestyle content. As well as all of that, Hannah opens up about the deepest corners of her brain as she documents her journey with her mental health.

Alongside all things lifestyle, Hannah is recognised for her creative flair for fashion and creating the perfect outfit for every occasion. From her favourite ASOS buys, seasonal essentials and the iconic ’HG Ten’ - a series on her Instagram Stories consisting of her top ten items with each week covering a different category - Hannah keeps her content varied and engaging. Hannah also shares her favourite makeup products, first impressions and up to date makeup and skincare routines with her followers, providing them with genuine insights into some of the best products on the market.

As a first-time mum, Hannah shares some of her parenting journey, including discussing why she chooses not to share her baby’s face online.

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